How to write a public policy report

To the extent that any other System or College, published or non-published, guidelines or procedures are inconsistent with this Policy Manual, the Policy Manual shall control. In our federal and provincial governments, policy recommendations are brought forward by a minister or department for approval by Cabinet.

Be sure to address any previous policy actions taken on the matter. By now you probably have noticed that well-written documents share the same characteristics. In some version or other there are many variations on the problem solving modelmost problem solving approaches to policy follow a simple sequence: However, in the case of policy recommendations, some characteristics are especially important.

Articulate reasons, supported by facts and evidence, why the policy proposal you have chosen would be the best avenue from addressing the issue in question. Professional analysts prepare these reports to provide policy makers with information to guide their decisions on public problems.

This section should describe why this option is the preferred approach, using facts and evidence from the analysis for support.

Include political considerations as well, identifying how the major stakeholders could be affected by this policy. Definitions — uncommon words or words with meanings unique to higher education should be defined and listed in alphabetical order.

Procedure -includes the steps necessary to comply with the policy, with sufficient detail that end users will readily understand how to comply with the policy mandates.

Consider not only the policy merits, such as the costs and benefits of each alternative, but political factors as well. An indirect structure follows the traditional academic approach to inquiry: The analysis compares policy options, weighing their expected costs and benefits.

A contact phone number should also be included, but due to the difficulty associated with updating information, please do not name specific contact employees.

How to Write a Public Policy Analysis

A policy recommendation is simply written policy advice prepared for some group that has the authority to make decisions, whether that is a Cabinet, council, committee or other body.

Policy-making occurs in an inherently political environment, so be sure to discuss the interest groups and stakeholders that could be affected—positively or negatively—by policy.

Decision-makers tend to be busy people, with lots of documents demanding their attention and often a backlog. Depending on the specific issue and the available data, compare policy alternatives with qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis.

Introduce the problem you wish to research and analyze. Warning Remember that a public policy analysis does not evaluate the performance of an existing government program.

For revisions, this number will remain unchanged. For revisions, this number will remain unchanged. Criteria can include economic benefits, legality and efficiency.

In this course, we'll use the term policy recommendation to refer to policy submissions made to a provincial, territorial or federal Cabinet or a municipal council, although there are many other terms for these submissions.

Your executive summary should be clear and accessible to a wide audience, avoiding technical jargon and complex issue details.

How to Write a Policy Report

The same is true of policy documents. Explain the significance of the issue and discuss its history, being sure to include previous policy actions, if any, taken to address the matter.

Make sure your policy options consist of specific legislative or administrative measures, designed to target the issue in question, rather than broad, sweeping social, economic or political reforms. Complete an executive summary.

Both documents analyze a situation and recommend a course of action. We do this in a variety of ways: Policies should be clear and concise and written in the third person. This section should be a concise summary of the report that will follow, briefly describing the issue or problem, and highlighting the recommended policy action.No.

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Writing a policy report requires you to grapple with a public issue, perhaps one already on the agenda of government policy makers or one that may arise. Some policy reports analyze an issue, using political and economic analysis to compare possible policy alternatives.

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Policy and Procedures Writing Guide

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How to write a public policy report
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